So I used to have a biography written by someone else whose primary concern was making me look good. It was polished, eloquent and dropped a lot of big names so that you would think I was impressive. If you’d like a copy of it feel free to email me, I’m sure I can find it somewhere, Haha. If you want the truth keep reading...

The truth is I was raised in a wonderful Christian home with every opportunity to love and follow Jesus. After attending Bible College I became confused and discouraged. I did something so many of us do… I confused Jesus with the Church… and then I ran away from both of them, as hard and as fast as I could. In the years that followed I became addicted to relationships and pornography, gained 40 pounds, and suffered heavily from depression.

On a Thursday night in the Spring 2001, while attending a conference much like those I am privileged to host, I finally reached the end of my own strength and surrendered my life to Christ. I won’t tell you everything was roses or “7 Easy Steps,” nor that it happened in “90 Days or your money back,” but it happened. Slowly, under the careful guidance of my church community and those closest to me, I began to leave my old self for the new life Christ has for each of us.

Since that time I’ve served as a small groups pastor, worship leader, recording artist, church consultant, church planter and pastor. My wife and I have been married for 10 years and have two unbelievable children. In addition to pastoring at home, I speak and lead worship at conferences, camps, and retreats, sharing my songs and stories of Christ with any one who will listen.